Saturday, February 25, 2012


I heard the wind last night.  "howling" is a descriptor often used, not sure this quite rose to that gale standard. but always there, insistent, a drone, crescendo, decrescendo, background, then in-your-face, gusting, gusting, over and over, all night long and into the morning, perhaps all day...  this is a March wind, I recognize it, welcome it, the times they are  'changin'...spring skies blue, pale blue shifting between translucent blue depending upon the sun's shifting light.   how could one ever paint or photograph the sky and capture/express the fluid beauty?

I love that I can hear the wind inside my house.   That I can hear/feel rain drum on the roof, unmuffled by attic space.   I love that when I lie in bed or sit in any chair or stand almost anywhere nature is front and center...the major player in my open, open home.   Feeling the sun, moon, skies, the tall, tall white pines flow through each day, season ... that's me.   It's always been need connection with the natural world.    

In Second Life, the, natural spaces...a simple, partially walled mountain one-room cabin...virtual fresh mountain expanse that seems to go for miles and miles...home-sweet-home...brings me peace...

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